Calgary Real Estate Open Houses

by Lavine Team on September 5, 2010

calgary real estate open house signIt’s a cool rainy day in the Calgary Real Estate market but Carol is hosting an open house today for one of our sellers. If there is anyone that pops in to see her she’ll be thankful because open housing is generally a fair weather sport.

Open housing has been about the most popular marketing strategies in the history of Calgary Real Estate and for most other market places…… but is it effective?

Prior to the days of the internet it was almost a necessity to host an open house just to give good exposure to a home for sale. However more often than not the home for sale wouldn’t sell…….the chances of the home being the right layout, location, size, price etc is a long shot! The best opportunity is for the Realtor who gets to meet prospective new buyers that he/she can work with to find another home. The dismal statistic is that about 1% of sales are as a result of an open house and out of those how many would have bought this home through the conventional way of looking anyway??

These days you get an email notification from your Realtor when a new listing match becomes available, then you can look at 20 images on the MLS listing, connect over to the Realtor’s site to see more pictures and sometimes a visual show or virtual tour. Plus we’ll go over to take a video to email over to you if you can’t go look or you’re too far away.

Most of the people that come to an open house are Looky-Lous and nosy neighbors but you never know… of those neighbors might know of a friend that could be interested or someone might fall in love with the house more than they could from looking at pictures… Carol is hoping to be part of the 1% and should a potential buyer walk through the door…. she’ll be there to represent the home very well!!

To talk to us about holding an open house for you or for any other query please send us an email or call our cell at 403-874-2773

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